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Books for adults and children.

Once upon

a time......

Walter's Worst Hiding Place

(Picture book)

Walter the blue whale loves Hide-and-Seek with all his heart, which is as big as a car.  Where can the largest creature in existence possibly hide? Walter is three school buses long and his tongue weighs as much as a small elephant! When Walter disappears, his best friend Sigmund sounds the alarm and it’s a race against time to find Walter in his worst hiding place: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Walter's Worst Hiding Place 

Peaches for Sale

(Literary fiction)

An 11-year old savant must find a home for his beloved dog before entering foster care and finds help from the most unexpected person in town: a mysterious peach farmer who hasn’t spoken to anyone for 26 years.




Miles Away 

(Young adult fiction)

Miles Yardley is an inchworm with a penchant for adventure. Huxley Leider is a Canadian Goose who missed his flock’s departure South for the winter.  The unlikely travel companions journey together and discover that being who you are, wherever you are is the most important thing of all.

Miles Away

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